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FADI Knot Bag / Beige

  • This product is designed for the FADI Suction Bowl and is perfectly sized to fit the bowl.
  • Portable design, which makes it easy to be carried around!
  • Eight-sided one-piece bag, which can be folded for storage and does not take up much space.
  • Double-layer nylon material, stain-resistant, and easy to clean!

A Tailor-made bag for FADI

Nice for going out.

It can be hung and placed on the baby cart and other handles, which is convenient to carry and saves the space in the mother's bag.

Easy to Carry.

You can put cutlery and bowls in the bag together, so don't worry about missing your child's tableware! 

When the child is older,this bag could be the most fashionable accessory!.



Dimensions : 
- Bag : 230(L)mm x 230(W)mm 
- Handle : 175(L)mm 

Materials : Nylon
Net Weight  : 50g
Country of Origin : Taiwan