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 SKUZEE is not just a cup lid. It has an original multi-caliber leak-free design that perfectly fits a variety of cups and bottles. The best thing is you can use your favorite cups, bottles to make tea, squeeze juice, and keep cold! No matter what you want to drink, let's DIY with it!
 -  It has functions for squeezing juice, making tea, keeping cold, and also leak-free design at one time.
 - The lid is suitable for a variety of calibers, turning the bottle into a ready-to-drink cup.
 - Patented airtight pull rod and the diversion design, 360-degree water pouring is super convenient.
 -  With US FDA non-toxic certificates BPA-free.
 -  Won the Golden Pin Product Design Award.
 * Please note: the free gift can only be delivered in Taiwan.

SKUZEE - The Most Convenient Lid Ever Made

No matter big or small cups are well done with one lid!

The original multi-caliber airtight design is suitable for a variety of containers such as glasses, stainless steel cups, and mason jars!
Applicable specifications are between 55-60mm and 85-90mm.

SKUZEE perfectly transforms cups and bottles we use at home into a ready-to-drink cup.

Patented airtight rod and inner arc diversion design. Drink it with one pull!
Beverage can come out from 360-degree. Drink it fluently

Straight filter hole design is more convenient for cleaning.

The large space of the tea utensil allows the leaves to stretch naturally which causes the aroma of the tea perfectly spread.
*Small reminder: While making hot tea, please open the lever of SKUZEE to keep convection for about 2 minutes to let out the hot air.

Make a cup of additive-free fruit tea.

Add tea, tea bags, fruits,and dried fruits.

No drops left, lightweight juicer.

The tooth groove design and the empty shape can effectively separate the pulp when juicing, and retain 100% of the original juice and fresh nutrition.

The chilling stick uses medical grade 316 stainless steel, which has higher acid and alkali resistance.

Whether fruit tea, iced coffee or wine, you can enjoy the undiluted coolness.
*Small reminder: Before using the chilling stick, you need freeze it for 4-6 hours before using, then put it in a cold drink to keep it cool.

Passed U.S. FDA non-toxic certification and BPA-free.

Made of food grade silicone and 316 stainless steel
High temperature resistance, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, safely used!


Wandering in nature Forest green.
Power and Beauty Coral red.
Your best friend Classic blue



Gross Weight: 864 g
Included Components:
- Sharing Cup, Juicer, Base, Tea Infuser, Chilling Wand
- Mason Cover (Wide), and Mason Cover (Regular)
Dimensions (mm) :
- Cup 89x89x75
- Juicer 54.3x54.3x63
- Tea Infuser 43x43x87.5
- Chilling Wand 174x47.3x47.3
- Mason Cover (Regular) 70x70x23
- Mason Cover (Wide) 90x90x25

Color: Forest Green/ Classic Blue / Coral Red
Country of origin: Taiwan
Designed by FLYTTA
- Chilling Wand : SUS316
- Cup, Valve, O-ring, Shaft cover : Silicone (Heat-resistant up to 230° C)
- Shaft, Base, Tea Infuser, Juicer : SPS (Heat-resistant up to 150° C)
- Mason Cover : PP (Heat-resistant up to 100~140° C)
- Screw : POM (Heat-resistant up to 120° C)