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 BAGOROLL is not your conventional reusable bag.  Made with sustainable, paper-like materials, Tyvek, BAGOROLL is waterproof and tear-proof.  Crafted with sleekness and style in mind, BAGOROLL can self-fold into a roll, making organizing reusable bags never been easier.  BAGOROLL is the perfect bag for your meal on-the-go with its insulated lining, a complimentary set of cutlery, and the ability to turn into a waterproof and stylish dining mat when needed. 

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Awarded by Red Dot.
Bagoroll change stereotype of eco-friendly bag and redefine eco-fashion. 

Break the image of "eco-friendly bag", a fashionable bag for all kinds of activities.
Also great for taking it to office. It's not merely an reusable bag, it also shows personal lifestyle!

Light, thin and convenient to tuck. Fashionable paper feel pattern.
 Look stylish when rolled and held!

Using Tyvek® material developed by chemical giant Dupont.
It's made with high tensile polyethylene, no plasticizes, feels light and thin as paper but strong as fabric.
It's toxic-free and 100% recyclable when burned.

Patented Roll-Up + Magnetic Handle

Roll-up design of slap bracelet makes it easy to tuck away the bag with on press. Quick tucking can be done in a second. No more piling shopping plastic bags!

Convenient accessories for your takeaway needs!

Great for breakfast, lunch and afternoon teatime! Space inside is enough for 2 people delightful servings.

It comes with "clipped on cutlery", "folding cup holder".
When you assemble the clip on cutlery, it become a salad clamp joint. Perfect for outing!

Multiple patterns for making your own style.



Gross Weight: 300 g
Net Weight: 185g
Included Components: BAGOROLL reusable bag, cutlery, slap bracelet, cup holder, salad clip.
Dimensions (mm) : 395 x 210 x 110
Capacity: 7L

Color: Brown Paper / Dark Red /  Deep Blue / Simple Black / Green Olives / Midday Blue / Early Riser
Country of origin: Taiwan
Designed by FLYTTA
 - Cutlery: Food-Grade PA6
 - Slap Bracelet: Silicone, Steel
 - Bag: Tyvek®l057D / PVC Aluminum Film / NdFeB Magnet / Polyester
 - Cup Holder: PP
 - Salad Clip : PMMA