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MAGUS Suction cup - color

MAGUS Magnetic Suction Cup is designed into a modern look with simple Nordic sense of packaging. Its morandi colors make a good match to the white walls of my house. Looking at all the above, it’s worthy to have a page to introduce MAGUS.

MAGUS features you with easily installation and quickly remove with its vacuum rotation technique, surprisingly creating a multi-usage as a hanger.
Simply hold, push and twist not only free you from lacking of tools and damaging walls but also allow you to install MAGUS to any smooth and flat surface.
In addition, its waterproof silicon material has widened the usage to various situations of your home.

In the bathroom, my husband’s razor and my eyebrow trimmer could be sticked to MAGUS, avoiding sanitary problems comparing with them being placed on the washbasin.

Use magus in bathroom

In the living room, the hat that I wear while my hair hasn’t washed and the hair clips that I always wander where they are could be properly hung and sticked to MAGUS.
Now they have their own space to stay still.

In the kitchen, applying MAGUS to the fridge, then attaching menu and bills or scissors to it makes the daily life more convenient. (Since there is much time being spent at home, there are many parcels to open anytime.)

use magus in kitchen

During my work time, MAGUS plays as a useful and fashionable storage accessory as it could hold pins that I usually need, paperclips and binder clips that are common to office work.
There would be no more worries about losing them.

Let MAGUS Magnetic Suction Cup replace the traditional hangers and embellish your home.

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