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Written by Annti Wang

Nowadays having your own shopping bag has been an obvious trend. It can be a cotton/non-woven fabric or a specially designed tote bag. Everyone should have one or two bags to swap with. One thing you got to admit, using shopping bag has never been convenient especially when it comes to tucking away. This kind of trouble will never happen with “BAGOROLL” Bag with its specially made structure that put folding shopping bags a thing in the past!

See?! It takes less than a second! If there is a folding shopping bag competition, BAGOROLL will definitely be the champion!
Such lightning tucking speed is possible because of our patented slap bracelet.


This 40*22cm bag can be conveniently rolled up with slap bracelet. There is also a hidden magnetic device in handle which makes it easy to cling to metal surface like fridge or shelves in kitchen. Saving the trouble for putting extra hook, perfectly solve the storage problem.

This useful slap bracelet is surely not just por tucking purpose in the bag. It’s also an environmentally friendly gadget. When you are so environmentally conscious that when you order coffee, you don’t want to take paper wrap for heat insulation, this slap bracelet can be popped up as heat insulation wrap as well.
Slap bracelet is skin-friendly silicone. It’s waterproof, stainproof and heatproof. The 30cm slap bracelet can wrap gently and firmly without crushing the cup regardless of its diameter.

The “BAGOROLL” designed by FLYTTA is made with Tyvek® material.

Tyvek is a synthetic fiber developed by chemical giant Dupont™ in the US. It feels like paper but it's waterproof, mold-proof, and sturdy. It can be 100% recycled. When it comes to burning it after 4-5 times of reuse, the residue will only contain vaper and carbon dioxide. It’s a very sustainable material and perfect for this environmental shopping bag.

While it looks like a Kraft paper bag, Tyvek® shows strong weight holding capacity. It won’t break even if you put a watermelon in it. Actual weight holding tested by FLYTTA is 5 KG, roughly about 13”Macbook pro or 10.5 lb of pork(😲). Definitely enough for daily shopping demand.


There are times when you forget to bring umbrella on raining days. Tyvek® might seem soft but it’s perfectly waterproof. Even you got soaking wet in heavy rain, the bag will stay comfortably dry. Not to mention its UV resistance, you could probably use it as hat or umbrella for blocking sun LOL!
Although the bag material itself is waterproof but not the seam. If your drinks fall out it might still leak out so be careful with it.


Tyvek® waterproof, stain-resistance traits make it not just confident in rains but also for table cloth. It’s designed to comfortably deal with some sandwiches, soup or spilled coffee. Of course if it’s something too greasy or thick gravy like curry or dragon fruit juice might be too much for it.


Can your ecofriendly bags keep its warmth? Does it sound a bit too much to ask? Bagoroll finds it not so. Its more than an ecofriendly bag while it can also keep its temperature with aluminum foil lining design!!

Generally, cotton or nonwoven fabric does not keep food fresh. Sometimes when I spontaneously think about buying ice popsicles, frozen pork, shrimps, dumping when shopping grocery (giving my shopping habits away~) the weather is simply too hot to keep its cool and fresh. When it thaw, the drips could instantly takeout the freshness, let alone stuff like ice cream. It’s moment’s like this makes you think “let’s just bring a deep freeze bag for this next time.” With Bagoroll bag you don’t need to wait for that next time. Buy it today!
This thin aluminum lining has a simple but functional in preserving fresh. Comfortably deal with any spontaneous grocery shopping idea. Keep the food hot in wintertime, cold drink cold in summertime and fruits cool and fresh while picnicking. Although this lining makes Bagoroll a bit thick, this Bagorll is here to fit most of shopping needs and different scenarios, totally worth it.


“Can your ecofriendly bag tucks utensils?” Of course chucking fork and knives in bag is one way to do it but it is not that delicate isn’t it? As a modern cosmopolitan carrying a ecofriendly utensil is just about right.

Yes there it is! There are ecofriendly utensils tucking on the side of Bagoroll. It looks like a great design for picnic isn’t it? A set of utensil with fork, knive, spoon is clipped on the bag. To keep the food-touching part from touch surface on tables or ground, there is a slight ark for convenient tucking. I think it really fit well as a ecofriendly utensils when you are out for any takeaway food but don’t feel like taking a one-off plastic utensils.

Practical paper texture with stylish material. This roughly 76g Bagoroll bag can hold a lot more than 76g with convenient tucking mechanism. It might not be the lightest, smallest or most temperature keeping device. This Bagoroll is ready to take on many shopping needs. Without planning ahead, a “Flop”. Bagoroll is ready to go!

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