Payment by credit card : Visa, Master, JCB credit cards are available.
PayPal Payment (except in Taiwan) : Payment can be made using your PayPal account balance or credit card bound to PayPal.

※The actual transaction currency is New Taiwan Dollars (TWD). If you pay in any other currency, the actual amount shall be subject to the immediate exchange rate and relevant regulations announced by the issuing bank on the trading day.


Order Confirmed

When we receive your order, we will send a confirmation email to the email address you entered. Therefore, when you place an order, it is important to enter the correct email address. The order confirmation letter is also proof of your purchase. Please keep this email in case you need to contact customer service. If you haven’t received an order confirmation letter, please contact customer service at



At present, only Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/the United States/Canada/Japan are available for delivery. In the future, other regions will be successively available for delivery. 

RegionType of deliveryFreight (single shipment)
Taiwan (including outlying islands)Home deliveryFree shipping for NT$1000 (or above).
If below NT$1,000, freight cost of NT$120 will be charged.
Hong Kong / MacauSF ExpressFree shipping for NT$3000 (or above).
If below NT$3,000, freight charge of NT$200 will be charged.
Hong Kong / MacauDHL (MAGUS)Free shipping for NT$3000 (or above).
If below NT$3,000, freight charge of NT$420 will be charged.
The United StatesPostal international parcelNT$700
CanadaPostal international parcelNT$700
JapanPostal international parcelFree shipping for NT$6,000 (or above).
If below NT$6,000, freight cost of NT$500 will be charged.

※ The actual transaction currency is New Taiwan Dollars (TWD). The actual amount paid by credit card will fluctuate according to the exchange rate of each currency.

Delivery time

The delivery time for Taiwan is 3-5 working days; the delivery time for other countries is about 2-3 weeks.
※The delivery time limit will be calculated after the system shows "in transit".

Cargo tracking

The tracking number will be provided after the goods are sent out. You can check the latest progress of your package through various logistics websites.

Delivery address matters needing attention

  • Please do not fill in P.O. Box, Special Military Box.
  • Please fill in the correct zip code. 
  • If the address modification fee is incurred due to the change of the address during the delivery, the payment shall be paid by the customer. 
  • Tariff standards vary from country to country. If your country would like to charge customs duty on the goods at the time of picking up the package, the customs duty is to be borne by the customer.
  •  If the package has to be returned when the customer is unwilling to pay the customs duties due to the laws and regulations of different countries, the actual round-trip freight and customs duties will be deducted from the amount of refund, and the balance of the original order will be returned. (Round trip freight = order freight X 2. The customs duty is based on a spot check, which varies from region to region. It is suggested to check with the local tax authorities.)


  • After the order is established, the shipment will be arranged within 1-3 working days. Please note that when the shipment is made, the shipping email will be sent and the tracking code will be provided.
  • The actual shipment time will still be adjusted according to the order quantity, and may be advanced or delayed. If there is an emergency situation that delays the shipment for more than 7 days, it will be announced in the latest news on the website.
  • Please forgive us for any delay caused by force majeure or local festivals and holidays.

※ Please note:

If the shipment is delivered to a Taiwan region or by DHL and the delivery cannot reach you due to the wrong address within 5 days, the delivery company will not be able to continue the delivery, and we must cancel your order, and refund the order after deducting the freight. If postal international parcels are used in other countries, we won’t be able to modify the information and redeliver the cargo due to the wrong address. We regret that we have to cancel your order and refund the rest after deducting the shipping charges.



Matters needing attention for return of goods in Taiwan

  • FLYTTA provides you with the right of "seven days hesitation period (not trial period) on arrival of goods", during which time only the whole order return is accepted. After the customer service confirms and replies that the goods can be returned, FLYTTA will arrange logistics to take the goods back, and FLYTTA will bear the freight for the return.
  • If the goods you receive are defective, FLYTTA offers a return or exchange service. Please contact the customer service within 7 days from the next day of delivery for return or exchange. If the deadline is exceeded, we will not be able to provide return or exchange service.
    ※Except for merchandise defects, FLYTTA does not provide exchange service or partial return service.
  • For return of goods, please send an Email to the official customer service mailbox of for application. Please kindly inform us of the reason for the return as a basis for the improvement of our goods.
  • When returning goods, please pack the goods in the original box, including the outer packing and related accessories, gifts, documents, and properly count and pack the goods to be returned. If any subsequent abnormal return of shortage and breakage or wrong order occurs, the returned goods will be deemed incomplete and cannot be refunded.

Matters needing attention for return of goods in other countries

  • If you are not satisfied with the goods, please send a letter to the customer service mailbox at within 7 days after receiving the goods, stating the details of the goods you want to return and the reason for the return.
  • The customer service staff will check whether the order meets the conditions of return and reply to you by mail during office hours. Please pack the goods according to the return instructions and send them to the designated receiver address within 3 days after you receive the reply from customer service confirming that you can return the goods.
    ※FLYTTA will not be able to offer you a refund if you return the goods without prior consent, or if the return is overdue. If you need to send back the returned goods to you, please bear the return freight.
  • When returning goods, please choose the appropriate delivery method and pack the goods in the original box, including the outer packing and related accessories, gifts, documents, and properly count and pack the goods to be returned. If any subsequent abnormal return of shortage and breakage or wrong order occurs, the returned goods will be deemed incomplete and cannot be refunded.
  • For return of goods, customers shall bear the round-trip freight and tariff. If the total amount of the original order is up to the standard of free shipment, the money will be refunded after deducting the freight.

Please note that the following conditions may affect your interest in returning goods:

  • Goods already in use or opened.
  • Application is made after the 7-day hesitation period.
  • If you have obtained the invoice in paper form, it should be accompanied with the return or exchange.
  • When the goods are returned, the outer package is incomplete, the accessories, gifts or the documents are incomplete.
  • The goods are damaged, lost or altered due to other reasons which are beyond the necessary inspection or attributable to you.
  • Please pack the goods properly in the original carton. If the original carton has been lost, please use another carton to wrap it in addition to the package. Do not paste paper or write words directly on the outer package of the goods. If the outer package is damaged, the goods will not be returned.
  • After you have applied for a refund or exchange, please take the opportunity to obtain the documents from the shipping personnel and keep them until the return or exchange is completed for future enquiries.
  • We remind you that if you violate FLYTTA's order and return rules without reason or maliciously, our company reserves the right to suspend your account and refuse to allow you to use the service and list you on the trading blacklist. Please note.

Refund method and refund time

  • Refunding time: Refunds should be completed within 2-3 weeks after the return package is picked up. Actual payment depends on your banking hours.
  • The refund method will vary according to your payment method:
  • Credit card payment: The refund is to be returned to the original credit card account. After the refunded payment is completed, the processing between banks will affect the completion time of the refunded payment due to the different settlement cycles of personal credit cards (negative items may be listed on the next bill). Please contact your credit card issuing bank for information about the "processing time after the store has paid the refund." 
  • PayPal payment: The money will be refunded to the original PayPal account used at the time of the transaction or refunded to the original credit card.

※ FLYTTA will apply for a refund in TWD from your credit card issuing bank or PayPal. The amount transferred to your bill in local currency will be subject to the actual exchange time of the bank. Please understand that there may be a difference between this refund and the original order amount due to exchange rate fluctuations.



According to the "Key Points of Electronic Invoicing Implementation" Order TCZ Zi No. 1050003637 of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, the "e-invoice" issued by FLYTTA will be in escrow and you will be notified by Email when the invoice is issued, and the invoice number will be uploaded to the government platform. The electronic invoice has the same effect as the physical invoice, and the system will automatically check the prize for you, and then send the invoice to you to redeem the prize. For other relevant information, please refer to the electronic invoice integration service platform of the Ministry of Finance.

Notification of winning of the electronic invoice

Account setting: It is recommended that you go to the electronic invoice integration service platform of the Ministry of Finance to set the account for mobile phone barcode or natural person voucher. If you fail to complete this setting, your invoice will be in the state of not attributable to any account.
The "electronic invoice" will be automatically checked for the winning numbers by the Ministry of Finance on the 26th of each month (except the donated or invalidated invoice). The corresponding notification units of the "electronic invoice" are as follows:

CarrierStateThe unit that notifies the winnerHow to get the winning invoice
Member accountNot attributable to any accountWinning notification will be sent to you via email on the 29th of an odd number month (postponed in case of holidays) according to the list of winners provided by the "Ministry of Finance Electronic Invoice Integration Service Platform."Please provide your receipt information of the invoice. The winning invoice will be sent to your address by registered mail within 10 working days.
Cell phone barcodeAttributable to an accountYou will be notified by the Ministry of Finance Electronic Invoice Integration Service Platform according to your email and SMS message, or you can go to the Ministry of Finance Electronic Invoice Integration Service Platform or the multimedia service machine of the convenience store for inquiry.The prize-claiming account has been set: The prize will be directly remitted to the designated account (deducting the tax payable) on the 6th day of the following month after the prize is announced.
 No account is set for claiming the prize: Winners can go to the electronic invoice platform or multimedia service machine (e.g., 7-11 ibon, FamiPort, Life-ET, OK.Go) to print the paper invoice and cash the prize at the post office.

※FLYTTA will not be liable for any compensation or other liability if the invoice cannot be sent or is delivered after the deadline due to incomplete or incorrect information provided.


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