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No need to worry about missing the container lid anymore! A multi-functional leak-free lid-“SKUZEE”, has been first released on the fundraising platform- MAKUAKE on November 30, 2021!

A multi-functional lid made with silicone that has flexibility to fit on various cup calibers.

November 30, 2021 18:00
Welcome Corporation LLC
Located in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Welcome Corporation LLC with rich experience in importing and exporting household goods, imports SKUZEE from Taiwan Flytta Design as a sales agent. The product started to be released on the fundraising platform- MAKUAKE on November 30, 2021.

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SKUZEE Lid has the flexibility to fit on bottles, jars and jars with various calibers. You can either drink directly from your SKUZEE or pour out the drink, all you need to do is to open the lid. When the lid is sealed, the drink will not overflow even if the cup is knocked over. With related accessories, you can also squeeze juice, make tea and keep the drinks cool!

Adaptive for various glasses and bottles.

SKUZEE Lid owns “Japan Utility Model” license registration (equal to Taiwan Utility Model Patent), is made of BPA-free silicone, available to fit on glasses, mugs and mason jars with various calibers.
55-60mm and 85-90mm are the two common calibers of beverage container on the market, SKUZEE Lid is able to fully fit on them and also leak-free.
Due to its adaptability, whether for work on daily weekdays or outdoor activities, both can be done with one lid.

“Japan Utility Model” licensed 360-degree airtight handle design without blind spot, drink as you go.

The design of 360-degree rotatable airtight handle licensed by “Japan Utility Model” makes it easy to open and close the lid. Open the lid and you can drink directly by mouth or pour out the drink. The handle is designed for 360-degree rotation, the drink can be poured out fluently without any adjustment.
What’s more, with the airtight rod design, the drink will not overflow even if the cup is knocked over.

With SKUZEE accessories, squeeze juice, make tea and keep the drinks cool.

When craving for fresh juice, a pot of hot tea or keeping drinks cool, all of them can be done with getting all the corresponding accessories installed.

Earn recognition for fashion and functionality by International Design Award.

SKUZEE won the "Golden Pin Product Design Award” in 2021, the designed appearance makes the product looks comfortable and cannot let go of it.


Airtight design with warm-keeping function.

Comparing two glasses of hot water, the temperature of the one covered with SKUZEE lid is 21 degrees higher than another. With decreasing temperature, warming function seems to become important in winter!

Sharing cup

During outdoor activities, if you forget to bring cups or when the cup is not enough, SKUZEE can be used as a leak-free cup perfectly with the handle closed.


Washable parts - beneficial to hygien

All parts of SKUZEE can be disassembled and wash, you can clean blind spot thoroughly, so it’s clean and tidy. Also, SKUZEE can be used with dishwasher to save time.


Sustainable and BPA-free, eco-friendly and harmless.

SKUZEE has passed the “Food Sanitation Law in Japan” and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we select BPA-free food-grade liquid silicone rubber which will not cause harm to our body.
The annual plastic production exceeds 300 million tons, of which 50% are used for disposables especially bottles, of which more than 8 million tons are dumped into ocean. SKUZEE aims to help solving this situation by the reduction of use of plastic bottles and disposables.
Whether iced or hot drink you need, SKUZEE can meet all your needs and makes it the way you want. That’s how flexible SKUZEE is.



【Product specifications】

■ Color:
Classic Blue
Forest Green
Coral Red

■ Contents:
Sharing Cup
Mason Cover (Wide), Mason Cover (Regular)
Tea Infuser
Chilling Wand

■ Dimensions (mm):
Cup 89x89x75
Base 38x70x40
Juicer 54.3x54.3x63
Tea Infuser 43x43x87.5
Chilling Wand 174x47.3x47.3

■ Weight:
Cup 100g
Base 28g
Juicer 31g
Tea Infuser 44g
Chilling Wand 180g

■ Material:
Silicone/ SPS/ PP
SUS316 Stainless Steel

■ Heat-Resistant Temperature: 100° C

■ Country of origin: Taiwan


【Japan Sales Agent Introduction】

Company name: Welcome Corporation
Representative: Xiaodao Chong
Address: 7-1, Higurashi, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Establishment of the company: October 11, 2018
Business content: Import and export of daily groceries
Official website:
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