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Since Taiwan started to limited plastic usage in 2002, plastic bags usage has been decreasing. Japan also implement such a restriction in July 2020 to encourage people to bring their own shopping bags. Accelerate diminishing uses of “disposable plastic bags”. Ecofriendly accessories have been indispensable nowadays. However, is the shoppers need really satisfied? We went out to the field and found that many shoppers still forgot to bring their own shopping bags or maybe the bag simply isn’t big enough. Among many eco-friendly bags, the way to fold them is too troublesome.

Now putting eco-friendly into practice will be easier with patented easy tucking one roll and go in a second! Bagoroll reusable bag brings a sleek eco-friendly trend. Receiving the “Oscar in industrial design” Germany red dot design award in 2020, reaching 4000% on crowdfunding target with 4 million NTD above result. DBagoroll calls for practical, convenient, stylish. This eco-friendly era promotes a new wave of eco-friendly fashionable value.



Thoughtful Design with stylish fashion. Three Features you should know about BAGOROLL


Feature 1.

Solve storage inconvenience with patented roll-up tucking in a second.

There are many eco-friendly bag choices, some of them take time to organize and store which makes it hard to balance between eco-friendly and convenient. The Bagoroll reusable bags designed by FLYTTA hold up the idea of making eco-friendly to be more convenient. Adding a slap bracelet to make it eco-friendly effortless with a one-touch-roll-up mechanism. To make it more convenient, the magnetic handle can cling to any magnetic surface such as fridge, door, cabinets. It solves the problem of forgetting you have an eco-friendly shopping bag. Makes helping mother earth easier.


Feature 2. 

No more messy stuff, one bag for all eat out need.

 no more messy stuff, one bag for all eat-out needs.
After a pandemic, It’s essential to bring your personal utensil! A clip-on utensil can firmly stay on the back of the bag’s utensils pockets. One roll and go after your meal.
There is one design is that when utensils are placing flat on a table, the front end will slightly ark up to avoid touching tables.
The bag is specially made with Dupont chemical giant innovative material Tyvek®. It’s lightweight, waterproof, stain and mold-resistant, and recyclable. After burning it will only produce carbon dioxide and water, perfectly eco-friendly.
If you need to takeaway food, Bagoroll reusable bag lining is made of heat-insulated aluminum to extend food and drinks fresh. The silicone slap bracelet can be used for tucking or wrap around hot drinks as a heat insulation holder.


Feature 3.

Works all seasons without going out of season.

Designed for convenience and ecofriendly with multiple functions. Bagoroll reusable bag received Germany red dot innovative design and product design awards in 2020 with patented tucking mechanism slap bracelet and delicate hand-held bag fashionable design.
The Bagoroll reusable bag designed by FLYTTA  uses sewing expertise in Taiwan. Promoting 7 classic patterns. Whether you are a sleek texture lover who loves a simple lifestyle or geometrics patterns, Bagoroll full range of selection is right for your styles, all year round!

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