A unique dog bowl that makes every meal easier, safer, and fun.

Mealtime upgrade

Made with BPA-free and sustainable, antimicrobial materials, and featured with skid-proof, splash-proof design, BOBOPET is the perfect companion during mealtime.

Say goodbye to skidding bowls.

No one likes to eat from a sliding plate, neither does your furry best friend. A non-skidding bowl is essential to keep your pup focus during mealtime and reduce unwanted eating behaviors. With a patented suction base design, BOBOPET will lock itself firmly to the ground without the use of silicone placemats.

Dual-function design:
Both a bowl and a treat ball.

BOBOPET is more than a bowl; it is designed to be the best eating companion for your pup. By simply flipping the suction base to the other side and close the lid, BOBOPET will transform into a treat ball, so your pup can not only eat from it but also play with it.

Quality materials

BOBOPET is made entirely with sustainable and toxic-, BPA-free materials so that we can protect the pooch and the planet we love.

A one-of-a-kind design

BOBOPET is designed with fun at its core. It comes with multiple color choices to match every unique taste, and its colorful design will spice up your pooch’s and your living space.


 Happy you 
Happy dog

BOBOPET is coming soon to our E-SHOP!

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